Protecting the Newborn’s Umbilical Stump with the Right Clothes

Baby-Bellyband-Newborn-Belly-Button-ProtectorWhen a newborn arrives, they have an umbilical cord that is quickly cut. This is clipped and it dries up quickly, forming a stump that may be annoying for you and the baby to deal with.

Baby experts agree that it is important to protect the baby’s umbilical stump, and doing so means using the right clothes in the right way. If new parents just pick out any newborn baby clothes for their little one, they can end up pushing the stump up or down and causing the baby discomfort. When the stump is moved around, it can pull slightly on the baby and cause them pain.

It’s important to choose clothes that leave the stump free or cover it in such a away that it isn’t bothered. The first step is to pull the diaper down a bit or fold it so that it doesn’t cover the stump. That’s easy enough to do, but putting on the right clothes for baby is a bit harder. Experts suggest using kimono tops for the baby. These wrap around the baby and clip at the side. That means that the baby’s movement, or movement by whoever is holding the baby, won’t be able to pull the cord stump up or down. If using conventional newborn baby clothes, such as a shirt or dress, the stump can be pulled every time the baby is lifted up.

Consumers can find all sorts of clothing options on sites like newborn baby clothes that will work for a newborn baby. They just need to take into consideration how uncomfortable the umbilical stump can be and make sure they try to work the clothing options around it. The stump should only last for a couple weeks, before it drops off completely. But in that time, the parents need to be careful about how they are dressing the baby and ensure that stump isn’t being pulled as they lift or dress the baby.

The benefit of using a wrap for the baby instead of a typical shirt means that there is no need for the clothing to be pulled over the baby’s head. That’s a relief for new parents, as they may be concerned about damaging their baby by pulling things over the head, or they may just have an easier time of dressing the baby if they use a wrap instead of a pullover shirt.

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