Comment on DoFollow Blogs and Get Noticed

If you want to get quality backlinks that are valued by the search engines, commenting on do-follow blogs is one of the best ways to do it. talk to random people Blog commenting is one of the simplest ways to get backlinks, something that every blog and website needs. Yet, it’s not productive for you to comment on every single relevant blog you can find.

You don’t want to go for blogs that carry the no-follow attribute on its pages. When you’ve found some blogs in your niche that are do-follow, you next want to make sure that the owners of these blogs will approve your comments so that you gain some benefit from your efforts. Another good source of information is the Mass Traffic Leak any time of day.

Fill Out the Name Field With Your Real Name: When you comment on any blog, you have an option to mention your name, which is obvious. When you list your name, it will be linked to your site, but you should still avoid the practice of taking advantage of this anchor text by using your keyword instead of your name. Blog comments without real names are likely to get deleted rather than approved. Bloggers don’t want to publish comments from marketers who are only trying to get backlinks, and that’s what they’ll think if they see a keyword instead of a name. When you include your name, your comment is seen as a real contribution to the blog.

When You Post Links, Make Sure They’re Short: Linking to a long URL when you submit a blog comment is something you should avoid. Long URLs look like spam to many people, and they may even suspect it’s some kind of malware or virus.

You should therefore go out of your way to tell people what every link leads to, and keep them as short as possible. The best way to get more of your comments approved, and at the same time get your URLs noticed by the search engines, is to use relevant keywords in your links. Another good source of information is the Auto Power Blogs any time of day.

Only Post One Comment Per Day to One Blog: The rule of effective blog commenting is to limit your comments to one blog, one comment per day. If you want blog owners to approve your comments regularly, you should space them out and not send too many at once.

You definitely don’t want to be labeled a spammer, yet this can happen if you submit a large number of comments to the same blog too quickly. Posting the first comment on a topic that generates lots of interest is always a good strategy as well. Blog owners are much more likely to approve your comments when you follow this rule.

In order to gain the maximum advantages of blog commenting, and ensuring that blog owners approve your comments, it’s important to apply the principles we’ve discussed in this article. By making your comments as helpful and relevant as possible, you’ll be adding value to the blog, and this way the owner or moderator won’t have a reason to delete it. If you go out of your way to make comments that truly add something relevant to the discussion, you’ll find that they’re almost always approved.

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