Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is very common among college students. They are drinking alcohol more heavily and frequently. They use on college campus today with an excess amount. Many college students think that it would be a “rite of passage” in to adulthood. In certain palaces in the world, there are bars near college campus. Thus, it helps to promote heavy drinking and cause illness than nothing.
Some of the alcohol producers refused the students to consume alcohol for better income. They are mainly focus on money and spoil the pupil’s academic career. Once the person is addict to alcohol, it is quite hard to control it. Also he should give up his whole life. In such cases, alcoholic patients can treat heavily under doctor care. It is pain that some of the high school students are highly affected with this issue. Over consuming of alcohol will definitely lead in to death and leave in a sense of helplessness. Binge eating disorder is seen in both men and women. Alcohol use often begins in young adulthood and travel in to later years.

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Now, 50% of college students practice binge drinking. It can result in attempt suicide, accidents, injuries, academic failure and nothing. Sometimes, the consumption of alcohol can be treated as a poison in the body. Thus it leaves in semi consciousness and unconsciousness. The skin would turn in to cold, clammy, pale or bluish skin. These are the signs and symptoms of alcoholic poison. Parents should also take care of the alcoholic addicts. It is essential to treat them if they are blindly addicted to alcoholism and help them to lead in a right path of life. Some of the women are also take part in consumption of alcohol. This would totally affect their family life. Alcohol encourages fat deposition, especially in the abdominal region. Some people even have food-related allergic and asthmatic reactions to alcohol
Binge drinking has a variety of contradiction. It can lead in to unplanned sexual activity, damaged property, injuries and death. Alcohol will slow down the body systems. And also many problems associated with binge drinking can affect all aspects of life. Alcohol users can spoil their education and leave in the state of helplessness. Some of the colleges have been allowed alcohol to be used in college campus. This should be banned by the government for right life of the students.

It is a life long problem and always associated with the health complications. Some college students are involved with the police or campus security as a result of their drinking such as public drunkenness or driving under the influence. The consequences of excessive and underage drinking affect virtually all college campus, college communities and college students. Other college students can also spoil their life. So, the alcohol should be restricted in college campus. Being, college is the basic platform for planning the future. Alcoholic addiction is also seen frequency among homeless individuals.

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