Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks

Cocoa butter is derived from vegetable fat and cocoa beans. It’s rather solid when sold, it melts easily into the skin when applied. Cocoa butter is an antioxidant. It’s often used as a lotion, though it can be utilized to penetrate the skin for treating much deeper skin issues like stretch marks.

Cocoa Butter Moisturizes

Cocoa butter is an excellent moisturizer. It’s natural and safe to use during pregnancy– a prime time when many women suffer from stretch marks. It seeps down and nourishes the skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks. It can even soften scar tissue, so those tell-tale silvery lines aren’t quite so noticeable.

Apply Cocoa Butter Regularly

Even though cocoa butter nourishes the skin, it will only work to its fullest capacity when applied to the skin regularly. Liberally apply cocoa butter to the affected areas each day after bathing. This can help to reduce the look of stretch marks over time.


The Benefits of Using a Folding Bike

Why have folding bikes become the go-to choice for the modern cyclist? There are a number of reasons as to why these are the preferred bikes, and many consumers may not be fully aware of the all the benefits they provide.

First of all, their compact design makes them perfect for smaller vehicles. Many motorists are averse to placing bikes on the outside of their vehicle and would rather conceal it in the safety of their car. Those who don’t have a lot of room to work with or who are just concerned about damage to the bike or theft prefer a compact bike that can be easily folded and placed inside their vehicle.

Secondly, a foldable bike can be taken on public transportation. They can fold up to about the size of a briefcase, and people are able to simply carry them along on a bus or in a taxi. That is ideal for those who live in a big city or who don’t own their own car. They can take their bike to where they plan to cycle instead of having to do extra cycling. They have more options when they want to travel with their bike too, beyond just strapping it to the outside of their own vehicle.

Thirdly, folding bikes are now a mainstream product. That means that lots of bike manufacturers are making them, so they are cheaper than they have ever been before. There are tons of options for consumers, and they can find a great bike at an affordable price without much trouble. The site Folding Bike covers some of the best choices for cyclists who are looking for inexpensive but high quality folding bikes. They don’t have to pay a lot of to get a lot, and that’s great news for people who want to give this type of bike a try.

Finally, these are very popular bikes right now, so if someone is look to upgrade from one folding bike to another or to a different kind of bike, they should be able to resell their bike very easily. They can get a great return on their investment and not worry too much about losing a lot of money, as long as they are patient enough to wait for the right buyer. There are lots of people in the market for a folding bike nowadays, so finding a buyer is almost never a problem.

These are just a few of the benefits that folding bikes offer, and consumers should consider them as they make their bike selection.

Can’t Decide On Which VA Lender in Austin To Hire – Please Consider These Things

When you need to work with a business to do some work for you, remember that it’s up to the VA mortgage broker to please you and not the other way around. The service provider you work with needs to meet your requirements, not the other way around. If you feel that you, as a customer, have to conform to a VA mortgage lender’s needs, then go with another VA mortgage company more suited for you.

An extremely low price may very well be tempting, but not if it comes at the cost of quality. Similarly, just because a business charges a lot doesn’t means that it’s going to provide high-quality work. You’ll have the very best combination of price and quality if you choose one of the businesses that has provided a moderate quote.

Top VA lenders in Austin Texas like VA Loan Academy which has a strong customer base will perform even during difficult times. The key to building and maintaining strong customer relationships is undoubtedly an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Building those relationships and positive feelings are not simple tasks.

Even when an ongoing project is disrupting your life, you won’t notice the disarray when you have a dependable VA mortgage broker working for you. You’ll have lots of stress, however, if you feel that the VA mortgage lender on your job is unreliable. That is why it’s not worth saving money by hiring an unreliable VA mortgage company to do a project for you. Get an excellent sense of the VA mortgage lender’s business practices by talking to previous customers.

The very best customer service representatives never let a conversation go until they know the customer on the line is completely satisfied with the situation. Remain positive and pay attention to the needs of the customers as the very first priority. Most importantly, good customer service representatives always communicate clearly to avoid any misunderstandings.

To make certain that your financial investment in a project is protected, only work with businesses who’re bonded and insured. The insurance and bonds make certain that you won’t lose any of your financial investment in the project if the VA mortgage broker fails to finish the job. While the job is being completed, you do not have to worry about taking a financial loss if the VA mortgage lender skips out on you.

Managing customer relationships is like juggling a lot of balls and keeping them all in the air at the same time. Be prepared for customer requirements and wants to change over time. Businesses that are satisfied with the status quo and oblivious to changes in the external environment do not prosper in the long haul.

Having trusting customers is a blessing that cannot be overlooked. Every customer relationship should be considered a work in progress that is never finished, but rather continues to evolve in response to changing customer requirements and expectations. There is no way to create a customer base unless you are getting better over time.

Protecting the Newborn’s Umbilical Stump with the Right Clothes

Baby-Bellyband-Newborn-Belly-Button-ProtectorWhen a newborn arrives, they have an umbilical cord that is quickly cut. This is clipped and it dries up quickly, forming a stump that may be annoying for you and the baby to deal with.

Baby experts agree that it is important to protect the baby’s umbilical stump, and doing so means using the right clothes in the right way. If new parents just pick out any newborn baby clothes for their little one, they can end up pushing the stump up or down and causing the baby discomfort. When the stump is moved around, it can pull slightly on the baby and cause them pain.

It’s important to choose clothes that leave the stump free or cover it in such a away that it isn’t bothered. The first step is to pull the diaper down a bit or fold it so that it doesn’t cover the stump. That’s easy enough to do, but putting on the right clothes for baby is a bit harder. Experts suggest using kimono tops for the baby. These wrap around the baby and clip at the side. That means that the baby’s movement, or movement by whoever is holding the baby, won’t be able to pull the cord stump up or down. If using conventional newborn baby clothes, such as a shirt or dress, the stump can be pulled every time the baby is lifted up.

Consumers can find all sorts of clothing options on sites like newborn baby clothes that will work for a newborn baby. They just need to take into consideration how uncomfortable the umbilical stump can be and make sure they try to work the clothing options around it. The stump should only last for a couple weeks, before it drops off completely. But in that time, the parents need to be careful about how they are dressing the baby and ensure that stump isn’t being pulled as they lift or dress the baby.

The benefit of using a wrap for the baby instead of a typical shirt means that there is no need for the clothing to be pulled over the baby’s head. That’s a relief for new parents, as they may be concerned about damaging their baby by pulling things over the head, or they may just have an easier time of dressing the baby if they use a wrap instead of a pullover shirt.

All Natural Weight Loss Systems

When it comes to identifying the most effective weight loss systems, it it will really help if you have a clear understanding of the elements that are typically a part of an effective weight loss program. With hundreds of different weight loss systems flooding the market each year its not easy to pinpoint the better systems from the bad. In this article, Im going to point out a few of the things that need to be present in any weight loss program in order for it to be effective at natural and sustained weight loss.

If you want to lose weight safely, the most important factor that should be included in any weight loss systems, is some sort of food log. Even though this is not trendy stuff, food journals will give you a simple and easy way to keep track of how many calories you are actually eating each day and help you create a negative calorie balance that will allow you to lose fat. This is the biggest factor when it comes to stripping off body fat. If you consistently eat an excess of calories then you just wont be able to lose weight, and you may actually start to gain body fat. That said, if you consistently eat too few calories, then your body will not be able to get the nutrients that it needs in order to allow for body fat loss. Get yourself into the simple habit of tracking what you eat each day, you will be able to make intelligent and informed decisions about what you are putting into your body.

The next thing that your weight loss strategy needs to be taking into account is the amount and quality of the sleep that you are getting each night. At this point almost everybody is aware that its important for their health to get a decent amount of sleep each night, studies conclusively highlight lack of high quality sleep with an increase in body fat storage. Losing weight can be a big enough challenge as it is, so there’s no sense in making it any more challenging than it has to be. I like to teach people to get somewhere around 6 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night while they’re on a weight loss program.

Another important factor in losing body fat is working in some sort of fitness plan into your weight loss strategy. While you can cut weight by simply eating less, there is a point of diminishing returns where you just will not be able to cut any more calories. The best way to to keep creating a calorie deficit when this happens is to simply burn more calories through some sort of regular exercise program. Don’t feel like you have to do anything too crazy here, just try to get 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, 3 4 times each week. Usually that’s enough exercise to really burn some calories and start losing weight. You might also want to consider boosting your workout with an organic fat burning supplement like forskolin extract, which you can find at

Just take these simple guidelines and see if the weight loss systems that you’re currently using incorporates each of them. If not, its a fairly safe bet that the fat loss plan may not be as effective as it could be. Also keep in mind that you can very easily piece together your own weight loss system if you cant find one that looks good to you.

Penalties And Factors Of Extortion Offenses

Extortion occurs when someone tries to obtain property or money by threatening to commit violence, accuses the victim of a crime and reveals damaging or private information about the victim. It doesn´t sound that dangerous right, but the sad part is that this crime is usually punished as a felony offense. Traditionally, the criminal offense of extortion covered only actions by public or government officials, but today the crime applies to actions by private citizens as well. If you have been charged with this offense in Long Beach CA and you can´t afford the full amount of bail, take a look at this website.

Here are the elements of extortion you must know about


Extortion is based upon some threat. The person that makes the threat must state an intention to commit and injury o serious action against the victim. A person can commit the threat verbally, in writing, other types of communications and even through non-verbal gestures.


Someone commits extortion making a threat with the intent of forcing the victim to provide money, property or something of value. In other words, the prosecutor can prove that the defendant tried to deprived the victim without having to show what was going on in the head of the accused.


When a person makes a threat or attempts extortion, the threat itself must cause fear on the victim. The fear could be based on almost anything such as the fear of economic loss, violence, deportation, social stigma or anything else that might cause the victim to act or hand over property.


The property doesn´t need to be a physical property; it can be a property that doesn´t have a dollar value. The court has held that the property involved in extortion can include features as tangible goods, cash, liquor licenses, debts, and agreements not to compete in business.

Penalties for extortion convictions

Fines: Fines for extortion may vary, but it can be as much as $10,000 or more for each offense.

Restitution: A person convicted of extortion will have to pay restitution to the victim, especially when the victim has been deprived of valuable property.

Incarceration: Jail sentences for incarceration can be severe. State laws allow for prison sentences of 15 years or more for each extortion attempt.

Probation: Courts may also impose probation sentences for extortion convictions. Probation sentences usually last for 12 months, or more can include a fine and require that the convicted person complies with specific terms imposed by the court such as not contact the victim or get a job. If you fail to comply with probation terms will result in having to serve a prison sentence.

Extortion can be a serious crime, and it can lead to a significant loss of freedom if you get convicted of this offense. If you are facing an extortion charge, it is recommended to get professional assessment whether you hire a bail bond agent or a criminal defense attorney, both are going to be valuable help to solve your situation. This video could help you understand better all the factors that extortion implies.


8 Good Reasons Why You Need To Lower It at Stay Healthy 4Life

The amazing effects of the various “nutrients” on your homocysteine level as discussed in my last post determines your day-to-day health. At optimized level, it gives you the feeling of improved mood, mental clarity, memory, arthritic fibromyalgia and migraine pain reductions, better sleep, increased energy and liver functionality, slowing of aging process and detoxification due to raised glutathione level and the noticeable dramatic reduction of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. More details at: NHS Heroes

High Homocysteine Accelerates Oxidation And Aging

As in the case of high homocysteine affecting its release, free radicals are released from the many chemical processes in the body; be it from the oxidation of your food to smoking. If you eat fried foods, exercise excessively, suffer from chronic inflammation, breathed exhaust fumes or are exposed to excessive sunlight, you will end up with more that damages your skin, lung, digestive tracts, brain, arteries and DNA.

High Homocysteine Weakens Your Immune System

Your immune system is constantly being attacked by free radicals and glutathione, the anti-oxidant that lives within any cell acts much like the benevolent police force that stands guard to mop up any excess free radicals from cell-mediated processes to ensure your good health.

High Homocysteine Damages Your Arteries

Increased oxidation is one of the ways homocysteine damages your arteries. It causes blood cholesterol to be oxidized to the dangerous oxidzed low density lipoprotein (LDL) which can severely attack all arterial walls causing atherosclerosis.

High Homocysteine Damages Your Brain & Its IQ & Ages It

The brain being the center of most activities is more prone to oxidation by free radicals; thus the rampant brain-related problems such as Alzheimer’s disease, clinical depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is the brain communication chemicals that keep you exhibiting the various emotions and methylation is essential for it to function well; including raising one’s IQ. The many effects of an aging brain such as diminished brain power, slower retrieval memory and lower sex drive etc happen because the brain DNA are being oxidzed, damaged and killed by amino acid beta-amyloid.

High Homocysteine Increases Pain, Inflammation & Blood Clotting

It promotes the release of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), the hormonal inflammatory messenger which is derived from an animal fat called arachidonic acid; high levels of these two are strongly linked pains and inflammation-related diseases as prolonged inflammation actually damages nerves, arteries and joints.

High Homocysteine Increases Cancer Risk & Creates Detoxification Problems

Glutathione, essential in DNA repair and detoxification, works along with SAMe in your liver to overcome the abuse you inflict upon your body through smoking, drinking, drugs (both illlegal & prescribed), allergens, viruses and chemicals. Almost all cancer are related to glutathione deficiency, which also is attributed to recurrent cold, muscle pains, smoker’s cough, asthmatic cough & wheezing, chronic bronchitis, frequent tiredness, joint pains & irritability.

High Homocysteine Is Linked To Hormonal Problems

In post-menopause, women are prone to estrogen deficiency which attributes to increased homocysteine level and thus greater cardiovascular diseases, stroke and heart problems risks. The accumulating evidence that lowering hoocysteine keeps hormonal balance thus works in both ways.

A Sure Indicator Of Vitamin B And SAMe Deficiencies

Instead of just guessing in the dark over what vitamins you may be lacking, a high H score is evidently good enough to appeal you to supplementation of vitamins B. SAMe is the “master tuner” with its expected wider range of benefits. It protects against liver disease, helps protect the brain from oxidation damage, reduces arthritis and fibromyalgia joint pains and restores joint mobility.